InterCap project has released its 2019 Annual Strategy Paper on Mentor Partnership. The paper discusses the objectives and focuses on the implementation of the activity “Mentor partnership between project countries and their associated teacher training institution". One of the long term objectives of this activity is to integrate the InterCap Training Package in the institutions’ normal training activity. Hence, the mentor partnerships focus on supporting the development and integration of the Training Package in the normal activities of the associated institutions and to provide training to teachers’ trainers and pre-service teachers. Another scope of this activity is to persuade instructional designers of the teachers’ training institutions to incorporate themes of development education, the Policy Coherence for Development, the Sustainable Development Goals, Habitat II and the Paris Declaration provisions in their courses.

The 2019 Annual Paper lists the National Policies and Strategies on Migration and Sustainable Development in Teacher Training of the participant countries. It seems that most of the participant countries do not have an explicit strategy focused on migration sustainability and development, but only some strategies and initiatives touch upon this issue. Furthermore, the paper presents a list of teacher training institutions from each partner country whose curricula is connected with and refers to issues of migration, sustainability, and development education. The paper also exhibits a table of the strong and weak points, as well as, the opportunities and challenges of the curricula reviewed by the mentor partners, in relation to the InterCap Training Package.

In general, the review of teacher training institutions’ curricula provided deeper insights into main programmes of teacher training institutions from 12 countries across Europe and current policies and strategies on teachers’ education regarding topics of sustainable development and migration.

Read the complete InterCap 2019 Annual Strategy Paper on Mentor Partnership here.