Internship report in the preparation for the practice-oriented project by Parwiz Rahimi

It is kind of abnormal to deal with a practice-oriented project, which requires eye contact and warm hand shaking, picnicking outside under the sun, walking alongside the Main River or enjoying a team ice-cream eating session in “Eis Christina Frankfurt”. Instead, a Skype jam session or Zoom Meetups, sometimes even with the Masks On.

Frankfurt through my Lenz
Photo: Parwiz Rahimi, 2020

That’s why I loved the idea to do my Internship with InterCap, where you can freely present your concept in any SITUATION and when its matches with the Vision and Mission of the organisation, you can just implement it.

Isn’t it so fixable and easy?

One of the fields InterCap is working and supporting is migration and integration, which is a peak concept in the present Europe agenda. It is, and was my field of interest as well, and since I am doing social awareness projects and working with migrants, it was attractive enough to start with a cultural project.

Shortly to the idea of the engagement: “Empowerment of the Migrants with a creative engagement in the society”.

Since migrants were sometimes assumed to be the passive potentials who needs to be supported financially for a long time with less outcomes, we decided to be creative and use the very simple and ordinary equipment, which we have in our pockets to prove this assumption wrong.

You would ask what it would be.
The Key chains, the wallet, the Tissue paper or the lip balm?
It’s our Smartphones.

Yes, mobile photography through social contacts, outside activities with the older citizens, shares information about interesting corners in the city, ice breaking and peace of mind. Considering mutual respect, understanding, avoid stereotyping, avoid media brain washes and last but not least, standing as newcomer artists and not as refugees (Flüchtlinge).

But as I said: it’s the benefit of sticking to your concept in any situation, even in Corona time. So we will have all the mentioned engagements only from our home and through the Zoom meet ups.

And continue photographing the beauties even in this time. And hopefully by the end of this hard time, we would all enjoy visiting a photo exhibition, reminding us of staying together and supporting each other even in hard time.

It is a teamwork project, where almost seven different organizations (Ae Worldwide e.V, Netzwerk + DRK (German Red Cross), Join Ehrenamt DRK,, InterCap and Stube Hessen) with somehow the same concern are involved. All of them are gathered under one Umbrella “Frankfurt through my Lenz” with the full support, most funding and supervision of InterCap.

I as the Project manager am lobbying, fundraising, cooperating, mentoring, designing, purchasing, installing and conducting the exhibition planned hopefully before November 2020 under the support and supervision of InterCap in Frankfurt/Offenbach. It’s my great pleasure to work in a team and lead this huge fruitful teamwork to be realizing the concept mentioned above.

The very valuable Skill which I obtained during the internship and working on the practice-oriented project is the famous formula of minimum resource to get the maximum outcomes. The other very important skill is the insight on how to establish a start-up, or later a NGO. Then there come the other skills such as communication, teamwork and a very pleasant skill of giving space to creativity, new ideas and providing platforms for others.

I think with the new skills and experienced I gathered during the internship, I can expand my links and communicate with different organisations and contact people who are dealing with a similar goal. It motivates me to establish my desired NGO one day soon. Last but not least, it would benefit me to connect with the enormous family of World University Service Germany, and InterCap in Europe and mange to cooperate with different projects onwards.

It would honour me to be an InterCap Alumni after all!