The consortium of the InterCap project has released its third and final High-Level Communication paper for 2020. The Paper outlines InterCap’s tangible outputs achieved in Year 3, the last year of the project, through the Press Release and presents some of the best practices based on lessons learned throughout the project cycle.

Coming towards the end of the InterCap project, the partners’ consortium has achieved their objectives at a great level. Specifically, 2621 users in total have registered on the InterCap eLearning Platform, up to this point. 2576 out of the total number of registered users come from the partner countries while 2597 are also registered members of the InterCap Community of Practice (CoP) network.

The third and final year of the project was impacted by the COVID-19 outbreak. At the time of the lockdown during the COVID-19 pandemic, the InterCap project used creative ways in order to stay active and support other people to do the same. Specifically, the CoP network played a crucial role since with the use of online tools, two more CoP webinars were organised and implemented providing a constructive use of time spent at home and increasing the knowledge base of the participants on Development Education, Migration and Sustainable Development themes. Both webinars have enriched the knowledge and empowered the CoP network and the wider public, with the participation of notable experts in the fields of Global Education and SDGs. The InterCap consortium with the contribution of the representatives from CONCORD Europe and ANGEL networks discussed and defined the topics and structure of both webinars during the third annual online meeting of the CoP Steering Committee, held on the 23rd of March 2020.

Moreover, with the use of new technological tools and applications, InterCap’s dissemination activity was effectively increased.

The European Development Education Community of Practice will continue its interaction after the end of the project, ensuring sustainability of the project and further developments at European level.

Special thanks to the members of the Community of Practice network for their support and contribution throughout the 3-year life span of the InterCap project. We would like to also express our forever gratitude to CONCORD Europe and ANGEL network representatives for reinforcing our actions and debates with their participation and recommendations. Our project would not have been the same without your participation and the experience and knowledge you have shared with us all!

Read the complete InterCap 2020 Communication Paper here.