The Practice- oriented project is an initiative of the InterCap project that seeks to raise awareness about the SDGs, noting the interconnections of migration, development and security and highlight the importance of multi-stakeholders collaboration in the field.

Specifically, CARDET brought together civil society practitioners and representatives of the local administration, universities and schools and produced – with the support of pre-service teachers – two videos that illustrate and emphasise the importance of quality Global Education in Cyprus and the promotion of Policy Coherence for (Sustainable) Development- PC(S)D as a tool for change.

Watch the videos below and find out what some of the stakeholders involved in the workings of the InterCap project in Cyprus have to say about Global Education and PC(S)D and how InterCap supported their learning enhancement.

“Developing capacities together- InterCap - The importance of quality Global Education in Cyprus”

“Developing capacities together- InterCap- Policy Coherence for (Sustainable) Development as a tool for change.”

We would like to thank everyone who participated in and supported the production of these videos.

This action is a part of the Practice- Oriented project activity of the InterCap project, co-funded by European Commission (EuropeAid).